Hawaii Legislation

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  • SB1336 SD2 HD1 CD1 - Designates the Kahuku Medical Center a a rural hospital for a period of ten years beginning on July 1, 2013.  Repeals June 30, 2023.  

  • SB498 SD2 HD1 CD1 - Appropriates funds out of the Emergency Medical Services Speical Fund to establish and fund a twenty-four-hours, seven-days-a-week, special emergency medical response vehicle unit based in Maalaea, Maui, including acquisition of a vehicle, equipment, and personnel costs.


  • SB1339 SD1 HD1 CD1 - Creates a state definition for a rural area for purposes of federal programs only so that certain areas that would not otherwise be considered rural pursuant to a federal definition will be eligible for federal funds designated for rural areas.