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We strive to educate Hawaii’s nursing community on rural health needs, practice opportunities, and to enable stronger participation in shaping the future of rural healthcare in Hawaii.  We hope to promote a greater understanding of nursing practice in rural areas and provide the opportunity to improve communication and collaboration among nursses, doctors, and other primary care providers.


Nurses in Rural Primary Care


Lanai Community Health Clinic




According to the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and the John A. Burns School of Medicine, Hawaii is approximately 700 physicians short of what a similar community has on the mainland and this could grow to 1,500 in 10 years.  The impact of this shortage will be far greater in rural areas of Hawaii.  What does this mean for Hawaii's nurses?       

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Learn about Lanai Community Health Center and how they provide outstanding care from a three bedroom house that has been temporarily converted to a clinical space.  Their staff is dedicated to providing health services to the community.  Besides primary care, they provide dental and behavioral health services. > More